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Haiti customs

Free import

• 200 Cigarettes or
• 50 Cigars or
• 1 K of tobacco
• 1 Litre of Alcoholic beverages and spirits
• Small sum of perfume suitable only for personal use
• Other legal personal goods equalling HTG 2,500
• Local or foreign currency over HTG 200,000 will need to be declared to the relevant customs department before entering or leaving the country.


• Illegal drugs
• Live flora or fauna
• Fertilizer
• Weapons and ammunition – unless prior permission has been obtained
• Knives and deadly weapons
• Cats, dogs and other pets – unless prior permission has been obtained
• Macaws and parrots
• Toxic waste
• Counterfeit money and goods
• Pornographic material


• All firearms and ammunition are restricted from entering or leaving the country except for the purposes of hunting. Special permits issued by a consul of Haiti will be needed before any weapons can legally enter the country.
• Birds, Cats and Dogs will require a veterinary health certificate and a rabies vaccination before being granted admission to Haiti. Macaws and parrots are prohibited from entering the country.
• Pork and meat products from Brazil or the Dominican Republic are prohibited from entering the country.

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